Monday, November 17, 2008

Dad's late season elk hunt

My dad (Max) and his friend Buck (Dave) finally drew late season Book Cliffs elk tags. The big bulls were hard to find this time of the year which made the hunting pretty difficult.Enjoying a nice camp fire.

Indian petroglyphs in Bittercreek.

My dad and buck.

I love this picture of my dad.
After 6 hard days of hunting, we were finally able to put a bull on the ground. He wasn't "the toad" we were hoping for, but a trophy none the less.

We loaded the bull up on the 4-wheeler and headed out.

Back at the truck.

Here is a little video of our trip back to the truck.

Dalton (VIP)

Dalton was VIP of his pre-school class on Thursday.
Grandpa and daddy were in the Bookcliffs elk hunting, but took a break in the action for the special day.
Grandpa's boy!!!
Dalton lead the class in saying the Pledge, mommy talked to the class and told them why Dalton was such a special boy, and then the class sang him a song.