Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pregnancy update

Once again, I thought I should take some time and let everyone know how things are progressing. THANKFULLY, we have made it 3+ weeks since this started and are in a much better place. (not out of the woods, but better) As of today, we are at the 26 and 5 mark (that's hospital lingo for almost 27 A few days ago, we had an ultrasound and the babies are doing great and at or above the 2 pound mark . Definitely small, but well on their way. They also "checked" Kelli and it doesn't appear that she has dialated anymore or that her cervix has changed. We did have a little bit of a scare on wednesday as they wanted to run a "test" and take Kelli off the medication (Nifedipine) to see how she did. didn't take but a day and she started having contractions to the tune of every 2 minutes. They rushed us over to the labor and delivery (L & D) department just in case and they were able to juice her up and get the contractions controlled.
We still have our sights set on our next goal of 28 weeks, but are thankful for every passing day.
I should also mention that we felt like we should give our little girls some names as "Baby A" and "Baby B" just wasn't cut'n it anymore. So.....we named "Baby A" Addison Taylor and "Baby B" Emree Ann.
I want to thank everyone for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers, the flowers, the phone calls, and the visits.......It means more than words can express!!!