Friday, February 20, 2009

Pregnancy news

Dear Friends and Family,

I thought I should take a few minutes and let everyone know what has been going on the past few days. Wednesday, Kelli and I had a routine doctors appointment in Roosevelt. As a precaution, Dr Nolte wanted us to head over to the OB department @ UBMC to see if Kelli was having any contractions as she was a little dialated. (1cm). Well, it turns out she was. Not that Braxton-Hicks contactions are a big deal, but she was having several an hour. (most of which she could not feel) They gave her some medication and it appears to be controlling them. After an overnight stay, and another check by Dr Nolte on thursday morning, he felt she had dilated a little more during the night. (2cm) and she was still needing medication to control the contractions.

After a few conversations, we felt it would be much better and safer to get Kelli (and our precious little baby girls) to the city in the unlikely event that we deliver early. (mind you, we are only at the end of our 23rd week) So,... (although this sounds dramatic), they felt it would be best to send out the U of U neonatal Life-Flight team in the helicopter for an express trip to the city.

I followed a few hours later and spent the night with her at the U of U Medical Center in their high risk labor/delivery department. They monitored her all night and the babies every 2 hours and I'm happy to say that everything appears to be okay for now. It does not appear that she has dialated anymore and they are still able to keep the contractions at bay. At this time they feel she is "stable" and have moved us into another room and wing for 100% bed rest. So, I guess all things considered, things are going good.....BUT, we need time to pass....Our first goal will be 24 weeks, then 28 and then 32+. Our intent is to keep Kelli out here for the duration of the pregnancy which with any luck will be a very boring and uneventfull 3 1/2 months. I will be traveling back and forth as needed for work and to take care of our little boy.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vegas Trip

A few weeks ago, we decided it would be a good idea to get out of town for a few days. (while we still could with the twins coming) Since we hadn't been there for a few years, we decided on Las Vegas. We also thought it would be a great opportunity to get my mom and dad out of town. (and sis-in-law Kami)
Here are a few pictures from our trip....

No Vegas trip would be complete without watching the fountain show at the Bellagio.
(at least a few times)

And a trip to the M & M store.
Dalton's new BFF

Dalton and grandpa goof'n off at the top of the Stratosphere

Grandpa and Grandma @ the Wynn.

And then we ATE,

and ATE........

and ATE.......