Friday, August 22, 2008

Borah Peak Trip (Idaho)

My buddy Dave and I decided it was time to knock another "state high point" off the list, so we headed to Idaho. On our way there, we stopped and spent some time @ Craters of the moon.

The lava tubes and other caves felt great as the temp was wayyyyy cooler then the ambient 80's. There was actually ice in Boy Scout Cave.
After about 450 miles, we were finally at the Mt Borah trail head.
The climb/hike was only about 8 miles round trip, but had an elevation gain of over 5,100 feet. This paticular section of the climb was referred to as "chicken out ridge".....

Money shot
After a hard day on the hill, a well deserved brew @ Grumpy's in Ketchum, ID.
On our return trip, we stopped in Twin Falls and checked out Shoshone Falls. While we were in Twin Falls, we lucked in to seeing two guys base jump off the Snake River Bridge. (crazy)

Shoshone Falls


TeriLyn said...

Wow - that looks amazing. The falls are beautiful!

Ashly said...

way to go! Why don't you take a hike to SLC and come visit some family!!! We miss you!